LEPROSY MANAGEMENT and contact tracing training    

      The Leprosy Control Program has committed to the goal of eliminating leprosy as a public health problem. To enable the program to attain this goal, special case finding have been conducted making it necessary to have personnel in every health center who knows how to correctly diagnose leprosy. Therefore, committed and dedicated frontline workers with good training on the program are most essential.


    Objectives of the Training

  • Orient the Health Workers about basic facts of Leprosy, Dermatology Concepts and the approaches to the dermatologic patient with common skin diseases.
  • Knowing the basic facts about Leprosy, its diagnosis,treatment and management.
  • Give an orientation on the current policies existing Regional and hospital resources that can be availed in the treatments and management of Leprosy.
  • Understanding proper technique of history taking dermatologic examination and correct identification of common skin disorder and its differential diagnosis and planning primary level care for patients with leprosy and common skin dermatoses.








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