Geriatric Services


       Geriatric Care is a specialty healthcare that centers its service provision to the aging population, particularly to frail older persons. It aims to promote Quality Of Life by preventing and / or treating diseases to achieve optimal level of function. Geriatric patient most often needs an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary team approach to manage a complex medical and psycho-social problem.

       Bicol Sanitarium, provides a comprehensive and holistic care approach to all geriatric patients.Three care setting will be adapted: 1.) Acute Hospital Care, comprising of emergency room consultation and in-patient ward management of acute medical conditions. 2.) Ambulatory care/Out Patient Care, providing medical provisions to community dwelling elders. 3.) Long term Care/ Custodial Care/Palliative Care, where the needs of the aging leprosy patients will be addressed and transitioning and opening the services to the general population. The services are compliant to the statutory and regulatory requirement as required of ISO version 9001:2015.

        Clinical Services
        Rehabilitation Services
        Psychosocial Services  



      NON-COMMUNICABLE DISEASES                                                                     FAMILY HEALTH                                                               COMMUNICABLE DISEASES                 
      Cancer Control Program                                                                                        Expanded Program of Immunization                                 Infection Control
      Diabetes Mellitus Control Program                                                                        Family Planning Program                                                  National Tuberculosis Program (TB/DOTS)
      Healthy Lifestyle Program                                                                                      Lactation Management/ Mother                                        Leprosy Control Program
      Mental Health                                                                                                         Newborn Screening                                                          Waste Management
      National Prevention of Blindness and Control Program
      National Voluntary Blood Service Program
      Occupational Health
      Patient Safety
      Renal Disease Control Program
      Smoking Cessation/Tobacco Control Program