Bicol Sanitarium Bags the 2018 DOH Star Award

Star Award

Bicol Sanitarium received the 2018 DOH Hospital Star Award for being one of the Best Level 1 Hospitals in the country. The award was given to the hospital in acknowledgement of its efforts in upholding high standards of quality and best practices in the delivery of health service towards achieving universal health care.

Recipients of this award excel in the following components: Patient and Employees Safety, Infection Control, Service Provision, Customer and Employees Satisfaction, Community-based Projects and activities, and Quality Improvement.

The awarding was held at the Manila Hotel during the Philippine Hospital Association 69th Annual Convention Program on November 14-17, 2018 attended by Dr. Edgardo R. Sarmiento, Chief of Hospital II, and Dr. Narcisa Louella Nadal-Bonacua, Medical Service In-Charge.

      NON-COMMUNICABLE DISEASES                                                                     FAMILY HEALTH                                                               COMMUNICABLE DISEASES                 
      Cancer Control Program                                                                                        Expanded Program of Immunization                                 Infection Control
      Diabetes Mellitus Control Program                                                                        Family Planning Program                                                  National Tuberculosis Program (TB/DOTS)
      Healthy Lifestyle Program                                                                                      Lactation Management/ Mother                                        Leprosy Control Program
      Mental Health                                                                                                         Newborn Screening                                                          Waste Management
      National Prevention of Blindness and Control Program
      National Voluntary Blood Service Program
      Occupational Health
      Patient Safety
      Renal Disease Control Program
      Smoking Cessation/Tobacco Control Program