Family planning  

    Being known as one of Department of Health's leading healthcare facility; Bicol Sanitarium aims to provide quality healthcare services to its client. These Target clients are not only those within the hospital but also those communities and municipalities around.

     Familly Planning has been proven to be an effective method in giving quality life not only to couples but to children and the society as well. It also gave a significant contribution to the reproductive health field. It gives the right to the couple to decide freely and responsibly on the number, spacing and to attain the highest standard reproductive health. 

The program is anchored on the following Basic Principles:
  • Responsible Parenthood which means that each family has the right and duty to determine the desired number of children they migth have and when they might have them. And beyond responsible parenthood  is Responsible Parenting which is the proper ubringing and education of children so that they grow up to be upright, productive and civic-minded citizens.
  • Respect for Life. The 1987 Constitution states that the government protects the sanctity of life. Abortion is NOT a FP method.
  • Birth Spacing refers to interval between pregnancies (which is ideally 3 years). It enables women to recover their health improves women's potential to be more productive and to realize their personal aspirations and allows more time to care for children and spouse/husband,and;
  • Informed Choice that is upholding and ensuring the rights of couples to determine the number and spacing of their children according to their life's aspirations and reminding couples that planning size of their families have a direct bearing on the quality of their children's and their own lives.


      NON-COMMUNICABLE DISEASES                                                                     FAMILY HEALTH                                                               COMMUNICABLE DISEASES                 
      Cancer Control Program                                                                                        Expanded Program of Immunization                                 Infection Control
      Diabetes Mellitus Control Program                                                                        Family Planning Program                                                  National Tuberculosis Program (TB/DOTS)
      Healthy Lifestyle Program                                                                                      Lactation Management/ Mother                                        Leprosy Control Program
      Mental Health                                                                                                         Newborn Screening                                                          Waste Management
      National Prevention of Blindness and Control Program
      National Voluntary Blood Service Program
      Occupational Health
      Patient Safety
      Renal Disease Control Program
      Smoking Cessation/Tobacco Control Program